QOTD: What’s Your Ultimate “Ultimate Driving Machine”?

1992-98 BMW 3 series coupe b

This is it, the very car I dreamed of during my 1990s early adulthood: 1992-98 BMW E36 coupe, and it had to be black. This aging E36 belongs to someone who works for my company. I see it every day in the parking lot. If he or she ever puts a For Sale sign in the window, I’m probably a goner, because old dreams die hard.

1992-98 BMW 3 series coupe a

Until recently, if you asked me what car I’d own if money weren’t at issue, I would have said BMW 3 series. (And I was thinking sedan, because I’m a family man now.) But the truth is, I was saying so less enthusiastically with each passing 3-series generation. Of them, I like the E36’s immediate successor, the E46, best for its clean design and airy greenhouse. But with the current generation, the F30, I’ve lost my lust entirely. This car doesn’t do it for me. I’m sure it’s still a blast to drive, but more and more the BMW 3 series seems to me like a Camry for the guy who wants to flaunt his upper-middle-class lifestyle. So now I’m a man without a modern dream car. I feel unmoored.

1992-98 BMW 3 series coupe c

But this leads me to ask: what is your ultimate Ultimate Driving Machine? That is: if you were buying BMW, which one would you want, old or new? Let us know, preferably with photos, in the comments.