From The CC Cohort: 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe

I’ve been neglecting the CC Cohort (among other things), but I need to share this gem of a 1950 Chevy Fleetline with you. Davo is the photographer, one of our CCC stalwarts. Now there’s several reasons why this vintage fastback Chevy speaks to me, starting with the fact that I’ve had an obsession with fastbacks since day one. And then there was one of those grade school reading books, and the family all took a ride out a farm in the back of one of these. And then there was…I could go on all night. But the current reason is that there was such a perfect one of these in Eugene, and it started a stirring in me to document it that subconsciously led to my first CC a year or two later. But by then it was gone. Slightly lowered, not much chrome, a fan-tail exhaust, and the original dun-colored paint with a nice sheen of patina (how’s that for an oxymoron?). Oh well.

It really was a curious thing that GM offered two distinct body styles on many of its cars right into the early fifties; a way to hedge their bets, to see if the fastback revolution of the thirties had real legs or not. Not, so it turned out. And the fastbacks melted away into history within a year or so after this one. By 1952, the last year, only the two-door version was available. Not until the Barracuda appeared in 1964 would a fastback be on offer again from a domestic, not counting the Sting Ray (or did I forget someone?).