Cohort Classic: 1981 Ford Durango – Shoulda’, Coulda’, Did!

(first posted 11/15/2011)    Drew Wescott shot this Ford Durango in a parking lot in Madisonville, KY. He apologizes for the iPhone quality; I think it adds a nice dreamy quality. Nice clouds too; remind me of ours here. Anyway, an outfit called National Coachworks built somewhere between 80 and 350 of these Fairmont conversions in 1981 and possibly 1982. Wiki’s modest write-up is here. And yes, this Durango is keeping company with another “ute”, and it’s not exactly stock either.

Looks like someone “updated” their El Camino a bit. These A-bodies are plug and play compatible, as the Oldsmopile so aptly showed.

When I first laid eyes on the new Fairmont coupe in 1978, I just knew this thing had to be turned into a ute. Never has a car screamed more for that. It looks like a ute, with a weird little cap in the front of the bed. Strange…Well, it took a couple of years, and obviously wasn’t a serious sales success, but Ford really should have done it themselves. And given the vast Fox family, think of the possibilities for a front end update.


Nice catch, Drew!