Reader Sighting: 1940-1947 Dodge “Suburban” – Anyone Know Who Built The Body?

Dodge 1946 Suburban

CC reader Dean Bergman found this Dodge “Suburban” sitting in a driveway in one of the beach towns north of San Diego. He wondered if I knew what year it was. Best as I can tell, Dodge didn’t really change their trucks styling from 1940 through 1947. But maybe someone knows something more than me and my American Truck and Bus Spotter’s Guide. As to the body, it’s not a factory job. From what I’ve seen with other trucks of this vintage, there were a couple of different builders who did these passenger station wagon conversions, but I don’t have time to chase down which exact one this is. Anybody else care to take a shot at it?  Looks like the seam where the van body roof meets the factory roof just aft of the windshield is a problem area.