Happy Thanksgiving, And A Clarification About The Future of CC

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I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for this enthusiastic community of Curbsiders, and I am touched by your expressions of support and concern about the possible sale of CC. I would like to put your minds to ease, if not your stomachs.


We’ve got a great party going here, and (despite the name) I’m not going to do anything to break it up. But after hosting it for three years, I’m getting a bit weary, and . So all I’m trying to do is to move the CC party to a new host’s house, and party on with you there. But someone has to keep the the refreshments flowing and clean up the plugged toilet.

Please know that if anyone buys the site, it will precisely because of its current assets: the content and you all who come to read it. Making any changes of any significance would be utterly counter-productive. There is no value in CC except for what it has and is. So please, no indigestion on that issue.

I have a couple of serious interested parties, one of which is a CC’er and past Contributor. Whether a sale transpires will remain to be seen. If not, I will find other ways to keep the site going and still do what I need to do otherwise.

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Three years ago when I left TTAC, I needed to (and intended to) build a house on an empty lot. Instead I impulsively started CC. I’m not going to go into all the details, but after finally getting it going almost two years later, that house was supposed to be finished and rented out this past summer. Instead, it’s still sitting down there unfinished. The three years’ rental income alone that I’ve forgone is going to be more than I can hope to recoup from a sale from this site. I’ve taken a financial hit, and the house needs to be finished up, as well as two more built (my last two empty lots). I’m at the stage of my life where I need to get my house(s) in order.

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Even if I’m not doing all the hard physical jobs, to keep a building project going requires one to be on the job site daily, organizing, planning, buying materials, and pitching in as well. I lost my trusty helper back in August, and all I’ve gotten done since I posted this picture in late October is to put up the siding on that little section up there on the second story. At this rate, it’ll take another three years, at least. Meanwhile, I’m submitting a plan for a building permit on a new house before a Dec. 9 deadline. It’s an untenable situation.

Enough bitching. One way or another, a solution will and must be found. But whatever it ends up being, it will not change anything about the fundamental existing reality and goodness of CC. That’s something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

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