CC Driveway Outtake: Two 1980’s Coupes – Hamburger or Wurst?

CC 214 063 925

This somewhat unlikely pairing of coupes really sums up what was happening in the 1980s. No need to really explain, but let’s just say that as the boomers became Yuppies, their taste increasingly leaned more to Bavarian wurst rather than Detroit hamburgers. Even if they were meaty ones.

CC 214 066 925

This Eldo has the 4.5 L V8, so let’s call it a quarter-pounder to the 4.1 liter’s basic but undercooked hamburger (does anyone buy those at McDonald’s anymore?)

CC 214 068 925

No obvious markings on the wrapper of this E30 to tell us what’s under the hood, but I’m guessing it’s not the rather anemic little four, a Viennese sausage if there ever was one. More likely a 325e or even a genuine Bratwurst 325i. Can you believe we’ve never done a CC on the BMW E30? There’s a lot of other cars on that list. And how many times have we seen the Eldorado hereabouts? Hamburgers are obviously still popular, even if they’re not being made anymore.