Highlight Of The Day’s Activities!

Grabbed something from the nightstand to read the other night, and what did my hand reappear with? A 1952 National Geographic. No idea where that came from, but there was a very compelling article about a guy who spent half a year with the Portuguese cod fishing fleet, which then still used sailing ships for their annual pilgrimage to the Grand Banks off Canada and Greenland. Excellent story, and long too. Anyway, this Cadillac ad on the inside front page was worth stopping for, even if the lovely lady’s face has been spoiled by something spilled on her who knows when. But it was the text that really caught my eye:  “Yes, this is that long-awaited interlude in the day’s activities…that wonderful moment she’ll remember till it comes again tomorrow – the journey behind the wheel of her Cadillac! (click picture for full size)