So Just How Many Camaro Sixes Were Built (1967-1976)? And How Many Camaro Six Posts Have We Had At CC?

Camaro 1968 six 250

There’s few things that reflect our collective interests here at CC more clearly than our coverage of Camaro sixes. We have had…well; wait for it. certainly more than any other website. Joseph Dennis’ post of the ’68 Camaro six convertible got me wondering. Just what was the percentage of Camaros built with the six? 

Camaro six share

Here it is; and the share of sixes is not quite as low as some might think. it was pretty healthy during the gen1 era, then it tumbled with the gen2 in 1970.

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I suspect that had to do with the fact that the handsome new gen2 Camaro just didn’t appeal to the kind of folks who had been buying Camro sixes. And of course the fact that the pony car era came crashing to a near-halt in 1970-1972. No wonder GM almost pulled the plug on the F-Body cars in around 1973 or so. It got off to a very slow start. And with almost no sixes.

But the energy crisis changed all of that. Already in 1974, the share of sixes jumped back to 15%, and in 1975 and 1976, it was back to a gen1-like 21%. Unfortunately, Camaro production stats in the Standard Encyclopedia of American cars stop giving breakouts for sixes and V8s after 1976.

FWIW, Mustang sales were also not broken out between sixes and V8s, but it was 47% sixes in 1965, then it went up in 1966, due to a severe shortage of 289 V8s, and then went into a steady year-to-year decline. If anyone has the actual number, please share them with us.

Here’s our complete bibliography of Camaro sixes, of which there are five. But with the addition of this post, we come out to six. That’s probably enough.

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