Hot Springs Outtake: VW Diesel Rabbit – Tough Little Bunny

CC 237 057 1200

Since we discovered the (semi)secret south side McCredie Hot Springs on the edge of Salt Creek near Hwy 58, it’s become a predictable stop on the way home after a hike in the Cascades. Such was the case last night, after a rather long twelve-miler up to Waldo Mountain and a detour to Waldo Lake; our vintage bodies were feeling it. The south side spring is a bit remote, and requires a drive down a forest road and a bit of a hike. But it’s worth the seclusion, although some others know of it too. And what more likely only other car to be there but a vintage diesel Rabbit?

McCredie Hot springs

McCredie is also accessible on the north side, but that’s right on the highway and can get a bit popular. I don’t take my camera down to hot springs, as that’s not considered cool given that most users are in the buff. But here’s a shot posted on the web that exactly replicates the position I was in last night (actually, my head was resting on a rock), as the sun was setting behind the trees on a perfect fall day. Ahhh!   These two rock-lined pools are at the edge of the river, visible on the left. Volunteers rebuild these pools every winter as needed, if a winter storm cause them to be flooded and damaged.

CC 237 051 1200

My stupid current camera flubbed another shot, the front of the Rabbit, but you know what they look like.

CC 237 058 1200

I did walk over to get a close up of the badge on the back, to confirm it was a diesel. I didn’t really need to, as there’s very few gas Rabbits still around, except for a couple in the hands of VW-tuner types. But the diesel Rabbit has been a fixture in Eugene since almost forever, perhaps the ultimate vintage Eugene-mobile along with the W123 diesel Mercedes.

CC 237 052 1200

We’ve had a fair number of these at CC over the years, but one of the more memorable ones was Len Peter’s (Canucknucklehead) COAL of his ’78 diesel. These are tough little bunnies, and although their number hereabouts are in inevitable decline, I wouldn’t be surprised to run into one here again five or ten years from now.