Vintage Postcards: Thunderbirds Of A Different Kind

Thunderbird Las Vegas 1948

I suppose there weren’t as many as the four-wheeled variety, but “Thunderbird” once graced many a motel, hotel, lodge or casino. “Imperialist” sent me a vintage postcard of the Thunderbird in Las Vegas for some timely T-Bird Week filler, and I decided to search for a few more. This is probably the oldest one, of that once famous Las Vegas institution. That rare little ’51 Rambler hardtop really caught my eye.

Thunderbird Las Vegas more

This is the one imperialist sent. Looks to be from about 1956 or so. Looks like the clientele back then was a bit upscale. There’s a nice Jag XK in front of the Caddy.

Thunderbird LV

One more from that establishment, since it has a Corvette in it so prominently. There’s also a Ford Anglia with a number on its side, followed by a Porsche Speedster. There must have been a competition of some sort in town.

Thunderbird Miami Beach

This one is in Miami Beach. Notice how the cars back then were all about the same size, height and length, unless there was an odd-ball foreign car.

Thunderbird motel Lake Tahoe

Now we’re in Lake Tahoe. Bonus points for the T-Bird in front.

Thunderbird Oakland CA

This is in Oakland, CA., and there’s another name-appropriate car out front too.

Thunderbird Spokane WA

Spokane, Wa.  Love the sign hovering above this one. Anybody got any more?