Housekeeping: A Fix For CC’s Server Issues Is Hopefully In Sight

This piece of unwelcome information has made a big dent in CC’s user experience. And it’s even worse for us trying to work, write and edit in the back end, as the server actually favors the front page. But hopefully a solution is in sight.

First off: the problem is in our dedicated server (installed in 2013), which was a custom install to maximize its effectiveness in delivering a pretty demanding load: up to 30k page views per day, and content with huge amounts of large images (there’s over 100k images in our Media Library). This installation was done by our tech consultant, who also was available to make fixes. None had been required in the past couple of years, but there was no maintenance either.

When this current issue first came up, our consultant was not responding to my requests. So others have tried to dive in and fix the issue, including CC reader Warren, who spent quite a bit of time going though our WordPress site, to no avail, before realizing it was a deeper issue in the server.

But our tech consultant has finally responded to my entreaties; she’s extremely busy but has said she would oversee a migration to a new server, which is the necessary cure. And long-time CC contributor David Saunders wrote me to tell me he works in IT and has offered to assist. So the next step is making it happen, which may still be a bit of doing.

I offer my apologies for the unpleasant user experience. It’s like driving a car with two spark plug wires disconnected. I’m sick of it, and it has put me in a rather foul mood regarding the site. But we went through a similar period in 2013, and when we got on our new server, it was like getting a powerful new engine swap that ran perfectly. So we’re just going to have to limp along a bit longer.

Thanks for your patience and forbearance. And thank you to those that have made a donation to help offset the costs of the migration to a new server. It’s much appreciated. Update: I’m not begging for donations here, as we have a reserve from ad revenue to cover it, but I am expressing thanks to those that have/do chose to donate to the cause. And please, no donations from regular content contributors; you contribute plenty already. It’s what really keeps CC going.