Cohort Outtake: Here’s a ’73 Chevy C10 Pickup I’d Like To Have

Wonder what the guys would say if I showed up with this at the local Friday night cruise-in?

“What’s that?”   “A ’73 Chevy C10”.   “Right…”

This Brazilian C10 was posted at the Cohort by Diego Torres Silvestre, and he left this comment:

Ok, I’m a Ford guy, but I can’t resist a good classic like this ’73 Chevy C14 pickup truck parked in front of a store in my hometown, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Designed in Brazil by a team leaded by Luther Whitmore Stier, this pickup truck is different than the American C/K trucks of the same era, and is powered by the venerable 261 ‘Stovebolt’ inline-six. It’s always nice to see a classic car being used like a normal car, and not an ‘over-restored’ trailer-queen.


Here’s more on these trucks and the “Suburban” version (“Vareneio”)