Dash-Cam Outtake: BMW E36 318i

Is it the CC effect? Only recently I’ve captured and posted this E32 rolling up the motorway, and as luck would have it, I’ve captured yet another same-era BMW.

This was a day after capturing an even older classic, the 1967 Mustang, so it marks a fairly fruitful week (or so). Anyway, on to the video:

This particular example has had its wheels (tastefully?) upgraded, repainted all white (covering any black trim), but most importantly – treated to a Nurburgring decal (left rear); those can fetch up to twenty percent power increase.

This is another BMW that needs no introduction to Curbside Classic readers (and if you do, just read Perry Shoar’s post). Suffice to say that this car is the one that finally placed BMW as the ultimate sport-sedan manufacturer, and has been that way ever since. It still looks good today, more than twenty-five years after introduction.

And again, as I wrote in the E32 post, I never bothered to take photos of E36s when seeing them, because I never thought of these to be classics. I certainly didn’t take photos of four-door sedans, but I did manage to photograph M3s, which always stand out – especially in Israel where they were extremely rare. Here are two:

That yellow M3 is as original as can be, and if I’m not mistaken, a recent import to the country. Since I’m cheating and posting two-door “hot” E36s, I’ll go all the way and include photos of some racing cars, taken when I attended Salzburgring in 2014:

It looks as though the M3 is leading the Escort, but in reality is about to be lapped. That Escort is a very fast car, a regular local front-runner – and winner – of classic saloon car races.

These two racing M3s were running in the “Young Timer” class, and would later meet up on track:

The #241 yellow car won the race, here it’s on a slow-down lap, returning to the pits after the race was finished. As well as this post.