In-Motion Classic: Runaway VW Type 3 Cannot Escape the Dash-Cam


Driving on the motorway along the coastline to Haifa, I found myself having to apply slight pressure to accelerate passed this quite fast Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback.

I was traveling at about 120kph, and it seemed to me the VW was going at no less than 110kph. Now, we all know that this speed is a doddle for any modern car, and naturally, I’ve seen classic cars being driven fast before. Yet I can’t remember when was the last time I saw any of these VW Type 3s or Variants being driven at modern pace. Most likely they’ll be pushing 80-90kph, for fear of breakdown if anything else. Not this one:

Usually this is where I post some photos of the featured classic from various classic car’s meetings. This is slightly different, as I only have photos of Type 3 Variants:



In recent years, the RAT/neglected look has got some followers. Personally I love it- note the upward exhaust


And of course, some Brazilian VWs have also found their way into Israel, like this unusual four dour fastback Type 3, doing it’s best to imitate a Type 4 (412).