In Motion Outtakes: Shipping Containers Passing By – An Endless Procession

DAF and Scania - hauling shipping containers

The two-lane expressway nearby my place is a popular truckers’ route for driving from the Port of Rotterdam to the hinterland and vice versa. Just a short walk alongside the road is enough to spot a nice assortment of on-highway shipping container haulers.

In order to handle the variety of container lengths, the dedicated semi-trailers are often extendable/retractable, both ahead and behind the axles. Dual, (dis)connected semi-trailers are also widely used in this line of business. And many professionals work with the longer and heavier ecocombis to transport containers (25.25 m overall length and 60 metric tons GVM – 82’10” and 132,277 lbs, respectively).

2014 Scania R 730 6x2

Let’s get the show on the road with this 2014 Scania R730 V8 tractor. The traditional 6×2 set-up, featuring a liftable, non-steering tag axle with dual wheels. Bright red and brawny, it definitely stands out, with the red hubs as the finishing touch.

2008 Scania R 560 6x2

Another Scania 6×2 tractor, a 2008 R560 V8. More sinister looking than the red R730, methinks. Both drivers have adjusted their (old school) steering wheel to an almost car-like angle, quite habitual in the Scania scene. The truck maker is known for the highly adjustable steering wheels.

Scania R 580 4x2 from Germany

Heading to its homeland, Germany, this Scania R580 V8 4×2.

Scania 4x2 tractor with Fliegl semi-trailer

A Scania R-series 4×2 tractor with a Fliegl tridem axle semi-trailer. It says HN on the semi-trailer’s license plate, which means it hails from the German Heilbronn region. In the background, another container hauler, rolling around the roundabout.

2015 DAF 4x2 tractor with Broshuis semi-trailer(s)

Here it is, a 2015 DAF XF 460 FT tractor, towing a duo of connected Broshuis semi-trailers, thus forming one full-sizer. The second rig in this article’s first picture is similar, although the Scania tractor has three axles.

A Broshuis video, explaining things. A major commercial success, these 2CONnect semi-trailers, introduced in 2003. Proven technology for sure.

I also mentioned the frequently used, extendable/retractable semi-trailers. The Broshuis company demonstrates their MFCC HD (MultiFunctional Container Chassis – Heavy-Duty).

MAN TGX 4x2 from Germany

On the road again. Made and registered in Deutschland, a MAN TGX tractor with 580 hp, apparently. That kind of power comes from MAN’s D38 engine, an inline-six with 15.2 liter displacement.

2019 Scania S 650 tractor with liftable and steering pusher axle

A 2019 Scania S 650 V8 tractor with its steering pusher axle up, so is the semi-trailer’s first axle.

2017 DAF 4x2 tractor and 2008 DAF 4x2 truck

This 2017 DAF XF 460 FT is followed by a 2008 DAF FA CF 75. The letters FT and FA refer to the chassis and drivetrain layout: a 4×2 tractor unit and ditto truck chassis, respectively.

2020 MAN TGX 4x2 tractor

Jan van den Berg (Mountain John) has a diverse fleet of heavy trucks and tractors. Like a 2020 MAN TGX, housing 430 horses…

2019 Mercedes-Benz Actros 4x2 tractor

…and a 2019 Mercedes-Benz Actros with 450 hp.

Scania R-series 10x4 truck with full trailer

An all-rounder, this brute of a five-axle Scania R-series, towing a full trailer. The 20ft sea cans are sitting rather high, the truck must be equipped with a hooklift system. The shipping containers are placed on an auxiliary frame with twistlocks to secure them.

Such a heavy truck chassis can handle a lot more than the average weight of a 20ft enclosed container. Usually, a hooklift system on a five-axle truck is technically capable of hoisting a 40 metric tons (88,185 lbs) container aboard the chassis.

2014 Scania R 580 tractor

Mr. Van Bruchem’s 2014 Scania R580 V8, 16.4 liter displacement.

2017 MAN TGX tractor

A 2017 MAN TGX tractor with typical big fleet looks.

2020 Scania 450 S 4x2 tractor

No, not all big Scanias are powered by a V8. The last one of today’s collection, and what a beauty the 2020 tractor above is, has a 12.7 liter inline-six underneath its cab.

I was a bit confused, as it clearly says 450 S on the front, instead of S 450. Currently, any Scania with the letter S in the model designation has the truck maker’s high end cab, with a flat floor.

Yet I learned that Daimler AG wasn’t too happy about Scania using the letter S, followed by a three digit number. So since recently, the S is placed after the power rating on premium model Scanias. Anyone happens to know the Swedish word for “Sonderklasse”?

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