Confidential – For (Drug)Dealers Only: The Tacky ’70’s Custom Conversion Kitschmobiles That Sadly Were Never Built

There were way too many all-too real custom conversion kitschmobiles built in the ’70s. But here’s a sneak preview of some that never saw the light of day. Oh shame! How did we live without them? Starting with this superb Mercedes 450SLC clone based on a Monza Town Coupe. What an obvious choice, too! Brilliant.

I’m assuming this is supposed to be the same car, but the “artist” that created it looks to have been one of the kids of Standard Motors’ honcho. Even I could have done better than that. But it’s good to know that “it will be trimmed with femininity in mind”.

Standard Motors’ first Chrysler conversion. Oh joy! And what a fine job it is, offering the luxury of the Versailles (itself a factory custom conversion of the Granada) or Seville for under $10,000!

Speaking of the Granada, here’s a conversion that will absolutely positively erase any doubt about it being mistaken for a Mercedes, and not just Ford’s delusional ad writers.

How did we get through that decade without these gracing our pathetic lives with their grandeur?