Lincoln Week Question: So Which Lincoln Will Grace Your Living Garage?

Lincoln 1958  side

Before we delve into that difficult choice, how about a big tip of the fedora to Tom Klockau, who spearheaded Lincoln Week, and put in a huge effort to make it happen. Thank you Tom!

So now comes the decision: which Lincoln will grace your “Living Garage”? Value is irrelevant; you’re going to keep it and cherish it. And of course drive it.

I have to admit, the sheer eccentricity of this white 1958 above is really talking to me this morning. It’s positively surreal, and in my favorite color, no less. I had never seen a picture of one of these before moving to the US in 1960, and the first one I saw in NYC upon our arrival hit me like a jolt of White Lightning. It was simply unbelievable; what planet am I on? It made a ’59 Caddy look like downright ordinary, if that was possible. So yes, I’m fickle. And tomorrow my choice would be undoubtedly be different, probably a ’39 Continental or a ’61. But there is no other Lincoln that ever got my jaw to drop quite as far as this one, so bring it on. Of course, it wouldn’t fit in my living room even if there was a door big enough.

Lincoln Continental 1958