“Love Seat” And A Few Other Early Corvette Ads

Since we’re doing a little celebration of the early Corvette, how about a sampler of vintage ads from 1953 through 1957, which evolved faster than the ‘Vette itself.

It’s hard to make out the copy for this 1953 ad, but the final line sums it up: “First of the dream cars to come true”  After so much Motorama eye candy, GM was finally building one.

A pretty modest effort, this 1954 ad.

The new V8 is the story for 1955, but one gets the distinct impression that given the Corvette’s weak sales the first three years, Chevrolet was parsing out a very tight ad budget. That soon changed.

With the new 1956 Corvette, Chevrolet kicked up the advertising a notch or two.

Although the message was still mixed, between the rather tame mainstream ads, or those for the sports-racing crowd.

The Corvette began racing in 1956, and the results were soon trumpeted.

This is a blatant one, form the ’56 -’57 era. Playing the radio, sure.

The new fuel injected 283 V8 engine was shown in full cross-sectional glory.

This one has an oddly crude and home-brew look to it. On purpose, or?

The “Escape” ad for the new  is the first in a series that went well in to the early sixties, very copy oriented, and which were written by top auto writers like David E. Davis Jr. and others who put in time in Madison Avenue. Unfortunately, the copy is mostly unreadable. We get the idea…