Outtake And Question: The Family Transparent Rear End And Its Origins

I’m still waiting to find a CRX and a CRZ side-by-side to do some comparison shots, but in the meantime these two will have to do. And they do share that transparent vertical panel on the rear end, to make visibility with such a high tail possible. It suddenly occurred to me; where did that originate? Now I took one stab at it, because I have another CC for today to write up. Mine is after the jump. But before you follow me there, make your own guess. And…I might very well be wrong, so if you find an earlier example, add the link to your comment.

My teen-aged years’ heart throb, the Lamborghini Espada first comes to mind. I thought it might have been its concept predecessor, the Marzal, but the shots I found seem to say no, although it certainly had plenty of side visibility with its transparent gull-wing doors:

And check out those louvers on the Marzal! So, what’s the verdict?