Media Outtake: How Not To Write A Curbside Classic – OH-OH Indeed – Update: Author Still Insists It Is A Volare

TTAC Volare

It isn’t just “the latter half of this column’s title” that fits “in the proverbial dumpster”. Here’s a line from the article almost as good as misidentifying the whole car:

Apparently, just to seal the fate of the Slant-Six, they cast the exhaust manifold as part of the cylinder head!! Even TODAY, it’s rare to see any manufacturer attempting such a thing!  Which is why this find is so incredible!

Incredible indeed.

Update: The author (Phil Caconis) finally responded to numerous comments at TTAC pointing out that this is a Valiant, not a Volare. Here is his response:

Well guys, the outline left by the missing front quarter panel emblems left an outline that clearly read “Volare”. Unfortunately, the photos I took of that outline was not fit to print.
I’ll see if I can find the vehicle next time I’m back in LA.

Until then, this is my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Hope it turns out better for me than for L. Armstrong…

And to the issue of the slant six never having had an integral exhaust manifold:

Saw the integrated head/manifold with my own two eyes! Maybe it was a California-only thing. It was no doubt, short lived–on all fronts! P.S. Thanks for all the literary “Venom”. It’s kind of like publicity: as in “There is no such thing as BAD publicity” (although, the way people are pushing the envelope these days, there may be additional exceptions to that rule)

It’s the perfect response: There is no such thing as bad publicity. And I guess we’ve given him his 15 minutes of fame here. Unfortunately, there are bad facts.