Miniature Curbside Classic: 1964 Citroen Ami 6

Citroen Ami 6

Let me get this out of the way for those that don’t know already; I love oddball cars. I am instantly drawn towards the weird, wacky and wonderful automobiles that defy common assumptions and conventions of what a car should be. The Ami 6 is just that sort of car. This scaled size classic is very nicely detailed and captures the Ami 6 essence rather well.


In the late 1950s Citroen had the bottom end of the market well covered with their excellent and economical 2CV. The higher end was also well serviced with the fabulous ID/DS. If you wanted to move up market from the 2CV but couldn’t quite stretch your budget to an ID then Citroen had nothing to offer you. Drawing heavily on existing components (2CV mechanical bits and a few ID/DS interior bits) Citroen came up with the Ami 6 or 3CV as it was known on the home market.


The styling is, in a word, unique. With a face perhaps only a mother could love the Ami 6, along with the also new for 1961 Ford Taunus 17M, pioneered the use of square headlamps. Except in North America where we sadly got a set of round sealed beams instead due to restrictive lighting regulations. Around the back the reverse rake rear window is immediately obvious. While it had been seen before on the “Breezeway” Fords as well as the British Anglia here it played a somewhat practical role as the rear trunk could be secured open to the top of the window frame (but not on this smaller version).

Citroen interior

The interior had its share of interesting features as well. The DS sourced single spoke steering wheel gives it Citroen character. The gear shifter is an umbrella type bent rod and gives it an unmistakable French character. The interior on this model is nicely detailed right down to the instrument binnacle.


Citroen Ami 6 engine


The 1:1 scale Ami 6 cars were powered by a 22hp air cooled two cylinder engine sourced from, like most of the mechanical bits, the 2CV. While 22hp seems laughable it is actually more than the 2CV thanks to a useful displacement increase to 602cc. The spare tire stored under the hood is a feature shared with more than a few other quirky cars.


The model itself is by a company called Norev which was formed in 1946 by two brothers in France. Their last name was Veron which was reversed to get the company name. I hadn’t previously heard of them but they offer a massive range of Citroen models as well as various other, mostly European, cars. This particular one is a 1964 Citroen Ami 6 in Typhon Grey at 1/18 scale.