Chevrolet Impala RIP? Looks Like The End of the Road For An American Classic

The big American  sedan is a dying breed. An article in autonews today suggests very strongly that 2018 is likely the last year for the big Chevy, due to plummeting sales. Only some 31k have been sold during the first half of 2017, meaning the average Chevy dealer has a customer for one every two months. The market for all sedans is of course in decline, but the big ones are showing the worst drops.

Hyundai just killed the similar-format Azera. And the betting is that the current Ford Taurus will be the last one. Folks who want something roomier than a Camry-Accord-Malibu invariably look to a big CUV or SUV. Even Buick is moving away from its big-car legacy, as this other article in autonews reports. The new Regal (Opel Insignia) will come as a hatchback and wagon, and the LaCrosse is the last old-school holdout. For how much longer? More than three-quarter’s of Buick sales are now CUVs, and it’s only climbing.

Ironically, the last Impala was the best one, at least in recent decades. It was a top rating from CR, and I gave it high marks in my rental car review of one. But I would never ask for a sedan that large at a rental counter; it was just offered to me. I’ve found Camrys to be more than roomy enough, with a very generous back seat, and that applies to much of its competition.

On this day at CC where several old-school GM big cars are on parade, including the Impala SS, I suspect more than a few of you will mourn the loss of the Impala. Me? As nice a car as it was, I have no use for mega-sedans. And it seems like most of the market agrees, although I don’t have any use for big CUVs either, obviously.