On The Go Cohort Outtake: 1993 Toyota MR 2 Turbo – The Affordable (and Reliable) Ferrari 348

Toyota MR2 gen2 turbo

This fine shot posted at the Cohort by A. Kwanten really shows off this MR2 Turbo to its best advantage. The base version had rather pathetic little steel wheels with plastic covers and very modest little tires; hardly an effective Ferrari imitation. I wrote up one of those base MR2s here

A. Kwanten left a brief comment with his shot:

The SW20 MR2 made an indelible impression when it was new – it was the Ferrari 348 that you could buy, and live with, the NSX that cost half as much. It still looks fresh today, 26 years after its debut. This one is a ’93 Turbo.

Yes, a reminder of a rather different time when Toyota was selling hot little turbocharged mini-Ferarris.  But they didn’t sell in sufficient quantities, and…times change.

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