On The Go CC Outtake: Eagle Kammback – I Didn’t Catch It

CC 248 151 1200

The Eagle (Series 50)  Kammback is a rare bird; only some 6k were ever made in 1981 and 1982. I’ve found and written up the SX-4 version here, and just saw that one near my house the other day. And suddenly here’s an elusive Kammback  in front of me, as we were heading off on Sunday morning for a long drive over the mountains into South-Central Oregon. Now it’s not that I couldn’t actually catch the Kammback, as I was driving the quite capable TSX.

This was on the outskirts of Cottage Grove, and after following it for several miles into the boonies, it turned up a tiny little rough road or driveway. I was hoping it would pull into a nice little driveway on the side of the highway, where it would feel ok to pull over and ask for a few shots. But trying to follow him up where he was heading seemed a wee bit less than ideal, even for me, the carstalker. Anyway, we had a long way to go.

AMC Eagle 1981 kammback -Lover-6

But then I remembered that last year we did a Cohort Outtake that included a number of AMC and Eagle oddballs, including this Eagle Kammback. It looks a lot like the one I was following, also on rather skinny and tall tires.


CC 1981 Eagle SX-4 – The Trickster

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