CC Outtake: Another Oregon Curbside Classic Sold Off To Europe; Or Not?

Robert Walter 1 1200

Robert Walter sent me this shot he took somewhere in Switzerland. I recognize that license plate!

Robert Walter 1 crop

Interesting choice to leave the old plate on it, as well as the new one. Of course, those Austrian plates don’t fit well, although I assume there’s a narrower version available. Anyway, if this is a genuine Oregon CC, it’s not an isolated case, as I know of at least two Eugene  CCs (1954 Cadillac and 1969 Ople Kadett Rallye 1900) that folks have left comments from overseas telling me that they now owned those cars. The Opel went to Germany, and the Caddy to Australia. Our national treasures are being sold off! Fortunately, there’s still a fair number of B-Bodies around, but I’m glad I caught that Kadett before it went back home.

But Robert thinks this might be an original European-import Caprice that someone decided to decorate with an Oregon plate. Seems a bit strange, but maybe Oregon plates are the hot thing in Austria. What thinks you?