VW Week Coda: VW And A Broughamy Compadre In Time Suspension…

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I know we had a full-zoot CC on the VW Rabbit pickup this week, but I wanted to give a preview of a family VW that is still with us–albeit not driven since 2003.

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My Uncle Don was a master mechanic, and owned cars that ranged from a 1959 Thunderbird to a Datsun pickup to a Colonnade Grand Prix and a ’76 CJ-5. But one of his favorite cars was a 1981 or ’82 Diesel Rabbit pickup. And it is still with us, though sadly, Uncle Don is not.

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My Aunt Candy (she of the maroon ’76 Cutlass Supreme Brougham and mother of my cousin Dawn, who had the non-Brougham ’77 CS), stopped driving about ten years ago, not long after Uncle Don left us. But his much-loved Pickup is still in the garage.

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And so is Candy’s ’86 Park Avenue. Both are dusty, and likely would need a total fuel system cleanup among other things, but they are solid and still there. There are still a few 1985-90 Electra/Park Avenues about in the QC area (CC here), but most are pretty rusty or otherwise worn out. But these two ’80s CCs are quite rust-free for Iowa vehicles. The Buick was last driven in 2003 or so; the VW, probably circa 2005-06 by my cousin Suzy.

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This post should appeal to both sides of CC, eh? An import and a Brougham. And said import is a pickup too! Could it be the CC Trifecta, despite only two vehicles being featured?

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I still think about getting the Park Avenue up and running–I drove it many times and it is a cushy, well-designed car–but don’t know if it will ever happen. And a full COAL/Auto-Biography of these cars will be written on these digital pages someday. But I simply could not let VW Week end without a passing mention of these two much-loved cars of my childhood. Which one would YOU take home?

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