Over 500 CCs In This Guy’s Field Of Dreams

500 Rover P5B

Some of us just can’t seem get enough of our favorite old cars. Kevin Martin sent me a link to an AutoWeek post about this collection “somewhere on the East Coast”, whose owner did not want to be identified. There’s a decidedly European flavor, including a few that I haven’t seen in a long while. Although this view of old Saabs and Volvos is not exactly exotic, the Rover P5 Coupe most certainly is.

500 Rover 3500 P6

Since we’re on the subject of Rovers, here’s a P6 3500 V8, with that very silly array of triple hood scoops, a feature unique to NA market cars.

500 Peugeot 405 wagon 630

This may not seem very exotic, but good luck finding another, in the US anyway. It’s a Peugeot 405 wagon, which sold in very small quantities alongside the 405 sedan, Peugeot’s last US market car. (Tom Klockau’s 405 CC here).

500 Peugeot 505

This 505 looks to be in quite good condition, even if it is starting to sink into the ground. The owner has been buying up old cars for over fifteen years, and their conditions vary greatly. He does sell off some, and about 25 cars per year leave or enter the collection per year.

500 Peugeot 404 barn

Mmm; this 404 sedan is in the barn, rightfully so, along with some exotics under cover that the owner didn’t want to even show.

500 Matador

It’s not all European, as this AMC Matador makes quite clear, despite its exotic nose.

500 71 LTD

Ooooh! My favorite car ever….wonder if I could get him to part with it? And it’s so pristine.

500 MG Magnette

An MG Magnette; not too many left on the streets of Eugene, I’m afraid. Dave Saunders covered the Magnette in his excellent post on the MG Sporting Saloons.

500 Bavaria

Now there’s an eclectic collection of tails. Renault Fuego, anyone?

500 Corvair

The Best European Car Ever Made In America” fits right in.

500 Alfa Giulia super

The owner says that he plans to restore some of the cars, including this Alfa Giulia Super, but that he also needs to reduce his collection somewhat: “I have to start letting go of stuff; I want to sort of save my energy for restoring some of these things.”

500 R5s
Surely that wouldn’t apply to this Pontiac LeMans (by Daewoo) or these two Renault 5s.
Full story here: Autoweek