The Parking Lot Classics of Lane Community College

This fall I had occasion to make numerous trips to Lane Community College (“LCC”), due to my son breaking his foot. Paul’s taxi service; and the xB does make a rather good taxi, almost the next best thing to a Checker. One day I decided to make a quick tour of the various parking lots and see what students drive these days, other than the usual boring semi-recent-vintage sedans and CUVs.

Because I didn’t want to arouse suspicions or the campus security, I shot very quickly, and as a result, a few of them turned out to have bad focus, as my old iphone 5S takes its time doing that. But you’ll still recognize them. And I’m also saving the best two finds for the end, to make you at least scroll through them all.

A representative cross-section: Japanese, old and new

Ford Escort; these gen1 versions are getting scarce

Have to have one A-Body


And a B Body


EVs charging at the free solar-powered charging station. This is the smart way to commute. Used leafs are going for peanuts, and no fuel bills.


Toyota Previa


Mazdas; vintage and newish

’68 Barracuda, parked at the very end of the lot, for obvious reasons


Fuzzy, but unmistakable


Toyota Tercel



Gen 1 Acura Legend


Nova, 1975-1979


Always can count on a few of these


And these


Infiniti M30 (Nissan Leopard)




The first two hybrids keeping company



Two gold Sables


Gotta’ have a FWD A Body


VW (Golf) Cabriolet


Another Nova


The second best find turned out to be very blurry. I’d seen it driving in earlier, and was glad it was still there when I made my loop.

In case it wasn’t obvious, it’s a Ferrari 458. At a community college? Well, its driver was a young Chinese man, one of quite a few very rich students that find their way to Eugene from China, for a number of reasons. We covered this subject here. True to form, he drove it exceedingly slowly.

And here’s the best for last. A ’75 or ’76 Chrysler New Yorker, formerly known as an Imperial. I will share the rest of the shots in a post before long. And whoever drives it, presumably also has a ’76 Eldorado, as I’ve seen it parked on other days in almost the same spot. And said Eldorado is the very one that was for sale a few years back, and I posted it here. Someone is a lover of ultra-big Brougham coupes.