Perry Shoar: Now CC’s Executive Editor

Perry Shoar 2

I purposely left off “New” from the title because Perry has actually been CC’s Acting Executive Editor for a couple of months now. But it’s time to go public, and give Perry the recognition he deserves for his role in keeping the CC ship on a steady course: making sure we have a steady flow of content, editing posts, as well as writing his own insightful articles. So no real changes from the status quo, and I’ll still be around as always. But Perry taking on the front line responsibilities is allowing me to finally really focus on some other long-neglected projects over the summer.

CC 225 040

Like finally finishing up this new house I started on over a year and a half ago. After the guy that was helping me build left last September, I did manage to paint the exterior and put up the cedar siding on the top, and the inside is painted. But then it came to a crashing stop, and has been neglected all winter. I haven’t been sitting on my butt the whole time, as I also just finished up a renovation on one of my rentals. But it’s time to get this one wrapped up and earning some rent, finally. I’ll do a post on some of its unusual construction details later.

The kind of work I do outside of CC is not very compatible to blogging, as I’m away from my PC; a desk job with the ability to shift back and forth would have been a better fit. But this work does me allow to fully dedicate myself in the winter months, while the rent checks just roll in…

So at least until the rains reappear in earnest, I’ll be posting mostly shorter pieces. It’s very gratifying to see CC doing so well even without my full-time involvement, and to see what a large cadre of excellent Contributors have appeared, almost as if by magic!

Almost exactly three years ago, I first put out a call for help. Little did I envision that the response would be; never mind growing into such an extensive list of regular and occasional Contributors, with such a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. They, along with Perry appearing seemingly out of nowhere, has fulfilled my long-held goal of making CC sustainable for me, which of course means for you too. It was simply too overwhelming to carry alone.

Thank you again for all of you; readers, Contributors/Editors, and Perry, for making CC the success it has become. And be assured that our coverage will continue to be balanced: American-foreign; older-newer; love-hate; Broughams-strippers; Greatest Hits-Deadly Sins; trucks, cars, planes, trains and anything else that catches our interest. We know will never make everyone happy all the time with our our content choices, but every car has a story, so that means CC and Perry will continue to cast a very wide web. Thanks for sharing the CC feast, even if some of what is served up isn’t exactly to your liking. I know car guys have strong feelings about their favorites, but then taking a polite little bite instead never hurts. Or just passing on the dish without complaining.

I’m headed off for a short vacation tonight knowing CC is in good hands all the way around. Now that’s a restful thought to leave on…