Peugeotphilia: Enzo Ferrari Loved His Peugeots – According To His Personal Driver

Ferrari Enzo Peugeot

(first posted 3/26/2013)     Dawid Botha forwarded me this article from the Spring 2013 edition of the Italian Peugeot Club. It includes a short interview with Ferrari’s personal driver/rider (even when Ferrari drove, he always was accompanied by someone). I’ve seen pictures of Ferrari with a custom Mini, but didn’t know that he preferred Peugeots for his daily driver, including a 404 sedan, 504 sedan, and 504 coupe. And the racing team used Peugeot wagons for support vehicles. The interview has been translated below.

Ferrari & Peugeot 404 Club Storico Peugeot Italia primavera 2013


When did you start with Ferrari ?

In 1966, at that time I saw Enzo Ferrari using a 404 saloon for his daily transportation.

Driven by a driver ?

He always drove with a person who, from February 1969 until August 1988 when he died, was me. Up to 1972 he drove, and I was next to him; then because of a knee problem, he decided that I would always drive.

Did you go far with the car ?

It was used for local trips up to 200-300 kilometres, like for instance going to the Monza racetrack.

Peugeot 404 enzo ferrari

How was the 404 saloon ?

It was metallic grey with beige leather upholstery and radio. The steering wheel had been changed for a Nardi special, and fog lights from a Lancia Flaminia were installed in front.

Ferrari and Mini CooperFerrari with F1 driver John Surtees


What other car was Enzo Ferrari using daily ?

In winter, mostly with snow, he preferred a front-wheel drive, a Mini Cooper given to him by Alec Issigonis, father of the Mini. He also had a Ferrari 365GT, which used mostly as a demonstrator.

How did Enzo Ferrari first begin to appreciate Peugeot cars ?

Pininfarina and Ferrari

He had a very close relationship with Pininfarina, who designed the Peugeot; and Martino Severi the Interauto Peugeot dealer, delivered them to him.

I had heard that there were relatives who first made him appreciate the Peugeot ?

A sister of his wife was living in Marseille or Nice, and it is possible that she went to Modena with a Peugeot.

For how long was the Peugeot 404 Enzo Ferrari’s daily car ?

Shortly after I arrived in 1969 it was replaced by a 504 saloon, in dark blue metallic with beige interior without sunroof and without modifications. He often drove it with me next to him and sometimes a bodyguard on the back seat.

Was it followed by other Peugeot ?

Yes, in 1970 or 1971 arrived a 504 coupé first model blue with a blue velvet interior, a very comfortable and reliable car. The car was changed around 1973 and then we used cars from the Fiat group.

peugeot 404 break servizio

Apparently Ferrari’s love for Peugeots caused at least on or more 404 wagon to be used as a service vehicle with the racing team.

Peugeot 404 Break Ferrari_000_zps9548ff3f

Here’s another shot of Surtees taking a break at the track. Times have changed…now its giant motorhomes.

Peugeot 404 Break Ferrar model

There’s even an Eligor model of the Ferrari 404 wagon. I need to find me one of those.

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