Vintage Photography: Poland in the Early 1980s

(first posted 1/18/2017)     I came across a series of photographs of life in Poland in the early 1980s by Chris Niedenthal at Not many have cars in them, but there’s a few gems, like this one at a used car market in Poznan.  Is it a surprise that the Grand Prix, with Illinois plates, is getting all the attention?

Here’s another one from the same place. Ironically, these would all be rather coveted today, a great cross-section of Iron Curtain cars all in one place.

And the folks walking or riding this battered mini-bus can dream about what they’d like to have.

The parking lot.

The trunk is being put to good use.

Not exactly a car, but an example of how the traditional past was intersecting with the modern life in Poland at the time. Mom wouldn’t have dared take off her outer clothes 10 or 20 years earlier.

The bride and groom have just exited the Polski Fiat. Not a lot of other cars on the streets; bet it looks different today.

Here’s the rest of the gallery, with lots of non-car photos.