Vintage Snapshots: The Streets of San Francisco, 1960s

(first posted 1/16/2017)     Today we travel to San Francisco of the 1960s, via  Nothing is more iconic than its cable cars, and here’s one heading down to Fisherman’s Pier, while a ’63 Chevy wagon struggles up the hill. Hope it’s not a six with Powerglide.

I see a Pontiac eight-lug finned wheel/brake drum there.

PCC street car, and a few of them are still in use.



The Fairmont Hotel has two upscale cars in front of it, but very differing ones. Behind the 1960 Cadillac is a Sunbeam Rapier hardtop coupe  (CC here).

Facing west, towards the ocean and…the fog.



Some folks just don’t like to be photographed.

This looks to be in or near the Haight, which the hippies made their own starting about 1965-1966.

And of course Chinatown.