CC Illustrations: Non-NYC Taxis – Late 1970s to Mid 1980s

1985 Chevrolet Impala MontreaA few weeks ago we took a look as some NYC Taxis from the late 1970s into the early 1980s, then the saw the Louisville taxi Bill Murray drove in Stripes. This week we look at some from elsewhere in North America. We start in Montreal, Quebec where they just strapped a taxi light on a four door sedan, most likely a GM B body of some nature. Not exactly the most interesting, but very European inspired.

Washington, D.C. until very recently had a rainbow of different cab paint schemes applied to everything from ex-police cars to luxury sedans. The Diamond Cab Company had this striking three color livery seen on this Chrysler Fifth Avenue, perhaps the least expected M body taxi.

Just up I-95 in Baltimore, Maryland, the Yellow Cab Company (top) used this black and orange livery. It was basically identical, save for the phone number, to the Yellow Cab Company in D.C. (bottom).

A more expected M body and a Yellow Cab that is actually Yellow could be found in Chicago, Illinois.

In Long Beach, California they also had yellow Yellow Cabs..Staying in the southland, Los Angeles has the oddly named United Independent Taxi.  Seems like a contradiction. In L.A. ceci n’est pas une Checker, but at least it shares some parts with one.

Up the coast in San Fransisco they were trying to pass off a Volare as a DeSoto.

In Portland, Maine they stuck to the ABCs.
And in Toronto, Ontario we can be sure Beck Taxi was not named after the singer since it is way older than he is.