CC Outtake: 1978-83 Nissan Fairlady Z (S130) – Ultimate Stripper Version

Well here’s not something you see everyday, thought yours truly when happening upon this fascinating Fairlady, flaunting her primer negligee with abandon. Mouth agape, eyes agog and legs akimbo, I took full advantage of this extremely stripped down variant and briefly got to know it quite well — a lot better than most of my usual encounters, in fact.

There were even new cavities to explore in the rear. Full-frontal is one thing, but this was downright indecent! If this were a Japanese website, some of this photograph would be pixelated, and rightly so.

I understand that these were called 280 ZX in foreign markets. That last letter was quite an apt choice from those naughty boys at Datsun… Nice six, by the way!

Of course, one had access to every nook and cranny, so a very detailed interior shot was irresistible — and indeed, I could not resist. A manual, eh? I’d have guessed as much.

Being out in the open like that, this floozie of a Nissan naturally caught the eye of many a passerby. This gentleman could not help but stop and take a long gander at this bare tin goose. Perhaps it reminded him of happier times, those go-go ’80s…

At least we can all see it’s as rust-free as it was when it rolled off the production line 40-odd years ago. That’s more than I can say for myself, and I’m the same age. My bumpers certainly can’t come off that easily. I do hope this Fairlady will not stay out like that, it’ll catch a cold. Or some other disease.


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