Photoshop Request: Somebody Please Extend This Triumph 2000’s Doors and Roof

Running across this Triumph 2000 posted by Benoît at the Cohort is triggering some PTSD in me about this car. Ever since I first saw pictures of one as a kid, the absurdly short doors and roof have been killing me. It looks so cartoonish; something Goofy would drive (with the top down). And it’s still bugging me.

So it’s time for someone to fix it; please!

I should add that one of my great frustrations is not learning Photoshop. I finally bought a copy a few years ago, and tried in vain to quickly create this shot for my 1961 Buick bubbletop CC.  I just couldn’t pull it off, though, but I’m determined to take a class or hire a tutor one of these winters. CC reader Dan Moran came to the rescue on this one. But there’s so many ‘chops in my head that are wanting to be realized…