QOTD: What’s The Best Way To Sell A CC? A 1972 Hornet Gucci Sportabout, More Specifically

AMC Hornet 1972 Gucci side

I have folks e-mail me asking this question all-too often, and I have to brush them off, because it’s the area of old cars I’m least qualified to give advice on. I always disliked buying and selling, and am just not into it. But a lot of folks are, or just find themselves in a similar positionand need to sell their heirloom, or in the case of Matt, the 1972 Hornet Gucci Sportabout that he stumbled into and bought a while back.

AMC Hornet 1972 Gucci

But he’s recently married and there’s a house they want to buy. So the Gucci needs to go to a new home. How is that accomplished in the most effective and relatively uncomplicated way? Now the question is not how to sell any old used car, but a special interest car like this one. There’s not exactly a lot of these left. How does one set a reasonable asking price, and a floor for negotiation? And where best to advertise? Craigslist? Auction it on Ebay? Or?

I know we have lots of readers who are experienced in this field, and any practical advice and suggestions would make this post useful not just for Matt, but for any of our other readers in a similar situation. And I can use it to answer those e-mails when folks inevitably come asking.

1972 AMC Gucci Hornet Sportabout CC here