QOTD: What’s The Worst New Car On The Market Today?

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Is there a “bad” car on the market today? Not even ten years ago, over at TTAC we used to hold an annual “Ten Worst Automobiles Today” contest, and then there were still a number of stinkers on market, like the Chevy Aveo, Chrysler Aspen, Chevy Monte Carlo, Buick Rendezvous, and the GM U-vans. My experience with this Fiat 500L was a bit surprising, to think that there was a car being sold with such a deeply flawed drive train. So the question today is a big one: what’s the worst car being sold today? Preferably with some objective criteria, and not just pure hate. And for those outside of the US/Canada market, please note what market you’re referring to.

Update: the Fiat 500L was the most unreliable car in Consumer Report’s just released 2015 Reliability Rankings.