eBay Find: 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 – Contractual Obligations


Of course today being the date it is we here at CC can’t help but join in the celebration of one of the best films made in the last 30 years, and what better way to celebrate by finding a model of the car featured on the film that hasn’t been turned into a time machine replica.

The troubled story of John DeLorean and his failed car company are easily good enough to make a movie in and of itself. From strange 4-door concepts and gold-plated American Express editions to the cocaine deal the gave the finishing blow to the to the already troubled company. A movie has apparently been in development since 2013, possibly in the backburner to make way for moneyMakingFranchiseSequel #512. The cars themselves have retained some market value thanks to the movie and the fact that they look amazing when made into time machine replicas and even more so when they’re not; as our featured model proves.


Our featured model is a 2-owner 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 finished in unpainted stainless steel with a matching grey interior. The engine is the infamous Peugeot-Renault-Volvo V6 developing 200 130 horsepower and sending them to the rear-wheels by a five speed manual. The odometer is showing 53,985 miles.


This is a car that you buy while leaving your sense of rationality at home. You have to buy it because you really want one with your heart or you just want to show off with those sweet gullwing doors. Otherwise you could have something like this delicious 1982 BMW 633CSi for a bit less. Also a manual and also rear wheel drive, but this time there’s a 3.2-liter six sending the power through the back. The mileage is a bit higher at 79,000 but it looks like it was babied through each and everyone of them. It’d be a shame if some enterprising youth bought it and decided he’d like it better as a convertible and chopped the roof off.
Both of the cars in our little featurette are mint of course, but since the DeLorean is on the title let’s focus on it shall we? Looking at the interior you can’t help but sense some build quality problems. I could attribute them to the fact it has been 33 years since it left the factory. But the ill-gitting glove box, the worn-looking gear lever and steering wheel that seem out of a 200k mile car and the broken tachometer don’t inspire me with a lot of confidence.
But theres a problem far bigger than questionable quality if you want to buy this DeLorean. And funnily enough it isn’t with the car itself as it’s affecting all DeLoreans currently on the market. It’s the fact that this is Literally the worst possible year to buy a DeLorean. Back to the Future is so big a part of popular culture that even as we speak Nike is preparing to announce self-lacing shoes, Pepsi will roll out a special edition bottle that retails for $21.15 and Toyota will announce a special edition of their Tacoma to recreate Marty McFly’s truck. A local channel in my cable is showing BTTF II for the entirety of Oct. 21st. This is a marketing juggernaut 26 years in the making and there’s no stopping it. Just waiting until it calms down.

However, if you still absolutely must own one on the day we finally catch up with the Doc and Marty, the listing is here. Just please don’t put any BTTF reference on the license plate.