QOTD: Which Of The Cars You’ve Ever Owned Would Be Your Last Choice For A 2,400 Mile Road Trip?

MG B  32image: tripod.com

Calvin Mehlert may just be the last Rover 3500 V8 owner to take his car on long road trips. And he’s done it twice, successfully. That got me thinking: which of my cars would I have been most reluctant to take on a similar length trip? The answer wasn’t easy, since I’ve generally always had cars that I could take on long trips readily, which I did regularly. But I did own an MGB GT for a rather fitful short period; it was ratty to start with and I never had the chance to properly sort it out. Frankly, the few times I drove it around town, I was glad to make it back home, which I didn’t on at least one occasion. I sold it as soon as it was running again.

Which of the cars you’ve ever owned would give the most anxiety about heading off in?