The Twilight Zone Parking Lot: Two Whale Wagons, A Maverick, and a Swift GT Along With A Raft Of Other CCs

CC 226 396 1200

On our recent trip back from California, we stopped in Eureka for an overnight. Talking a walk through Old Town at dusk, I thought we’d entered the Twilight Zone when we came across this parking lot that was almost exclusively populated by CCs, including no less than two Olds Custom Cruiser GM “whale wagons”.  Well, it is called “Old Town”.

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There’s a particularly interesting line-up on the right, starting with the Town Car.

CC 226 386 1200

The biggest car of its time next to the smallest one, a Suzuki Swift (Geo Metro). And a Daewoo Lanos, next to it. They’re quickly becoming rare.

CC 226 384 1200

A Panther sandwich, actually.

CC 226 380 1200

A Maverick is is present too.

CC 226 381 1200

Along with two 70s Ford pickups, back-to-back.

CC 226 382 1200

Two blobby wagons from the late-aero years.

CC 226 394 1200

The second Custom Cruiser big GM wagon is over there.

CC 226 389 1200

Owned, or formerly owned by the Times Printing Company.

CC 226 390 1200

More likely the latter.

CC 226 395 1200

There’s also a spill-over effect on the street over there. Let’s take a closer look.

CC 226 397 1200

The eighties, on full display. So how do we get back to 2014?