QOTD: Did The 1979 Lincoln 400 V8 Have The Lowest Specific Output During The Malaise Era?

Lincoln 1979 two

Since we’re reliving the Malaise Era, let’s explore the other side of its…side effects: low specific power (hp per cubic inch). My memory tells me that the 1979 400 cubic inch V8 used on 1979 Lincolns is the prime candidate. It was rated at 159 net hp, or 0.3975 hp per cubic inch. But then I was wrong on the ’76 LeSabre V6, so I might well be on this one too.

We’re talking gasoline engines here, as the unboosted diesels of yore were intrinsically less powerful. Happy hunting, but it’s hard to beat Ford V8s of this era for being weak-chested. All that racing experience in the 60s came to naught.