QOTD: Do You See “Your” Former Car On the Road? How Does It Make You Feel?

Seeing this burgundy red Grand Caravan on the road the other day brought back a lot of memories of ours. That’s not exactly surprising, since we kept it for 15 years, and our kids practically grew up in it.

This isn’t our actual former Caravan, although I did see that at a gas station a year or so after I donated it.

Here’s our actual former Caravan, in 2011, almost four years after I donated it. I wrote that encounter up here. I talked to the owner, and he was very happy with it, finally having a vehicle big enough to take his wife and five kids on trips.

It took us on so many trips, including this one at Odell Lake with my younger brother and his family.

After my older son Ted came back from a year of high school in Innsbruck, we invited several friends and relatives, boys about his age, to come visit. I managed to squeeze six of them into the Caravan, and go on two week-long camping trips. The logistics were a bit challenging, but doable.

Here’s a shot of my two sons fast asleep on that trip. Time does fly…

I could write for hours about all the trips and adventures and the four transmissions, and the three ABS pumps and a few other things. Actually, outside of those two weak spots, it was quite durable and reliable. Fortunately, it never left us stranded once.

So do you encounter a former car of yours, real or just similar?