QOTD: What’s On Your Short List? – 2019 Edition

I posed this same question here in 2017, exactly two years ago.  As expected my list has evolved a bit since.

Let’s keep the same rules, if you were to suddenly came into a quantity of money (and time and storage space and spousal goodwill) what would you buy? Again, limit the list to four vehicles:

1 – 2005-2009 Mustang Convertible

One of my goals for 2019 is to do a road trip with my Dad.  We haven’t had many father and son adventures lately, I’ll be 53 this year and he’s 81 now so if it’s going to happen it needs to happen soon.


This is what I’m thinking, golfing in Myrtle Beach via the Blue Ridge Parkway.  A base V6 Mustang will do, sufficient power and not too harsh a ride for a couple of old guys.  They are readily available, reasonably priced and some are very well maintained.  2005-2009 is the sweet spot for me, I like the echoes of the original Mustang in these ones.  To my eyes the pre-2005 convertibles look bathtub-ish and after 2009 they look a little more like a cartoon.


2 – 1938 DeSoto

Here’s a 1957 shot of Dad in his first car.  Apparently his never looked as good as the one in the lead photo.  Maybe if a week in a Mustang is too arduous we could find a Desoto, don fedoras and suspenders and do a weekend golf trip somewhere closer to home.  Although a 1938 Desoto certainly has more room for golf clubs it is a rare bird these days.  Non-Ford 1930’s cars have seemingly not held their value well, if I could actually find a driver quality one it would probably be less expensive than a Mustang.  Now about that resale value…


3 – 1962 Mercury Meteor

Remember the CC Detroit Meetup in 2017?  I sure do, five hours in a sweltering hot 1963 Volkswagen Beetle really gave me some time to think about cars with a bit more room, a bit more power, and possibly some A/C.  Not unlike some actual VW owners in the 60’s, no?

Despite Paul Niedermeyer’s disdain for certain midsize Ford products a Meteor might fit that bill, with a 260 V8, auto and aftermarket air.  It would still fit in my single garage, and I just love those rocket taillights.


4 – Kawasaki VerSys 650

I’m in a bit of a tough spot for motorcycles.  My 1993 Kawasaki Concours 1000 is old, too big for Mrs DougD to ride, and really more motorcycle than I need for 95% of my riding.  I don’t like cruisers, and my knees don’t like sport bikes so I kind of want a more modern version of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle.

There’s a few candidates here (V-Strom, Triumph Bonneville etc) but so far I’m more attracted to the Kawi VerSys.  Some are repulsed by the dumb name and the cyclops-like stacked headlights, but I find the styling weirdly endearing.  Ergonomics appear to be good for a tall person like me, and a five year old example with low miles seems like a good value.  I just might test drive a few different used bikes this year.

So that’s my current list, what are you thinking about in mid winter 2019?