Reader Sighting: 1977 Toronado XS – Why Didn’t They Just Call It “Starlight”?

(first posted 11/12/2012)      CC reader Bantam sent in these shots of a rare Toronado XS (I’ve been wanting to find one for years): Spotted this rare ’77 Toronado XS edition a couple of weeks ago. The Special XS had a wraparound rear window offered only in ’77 and ’78. This pic was shot in Merrick, New York. Water from Hurricane Sandy came up past this point, and I hope that this rare Toro escaped!

Front view, which doesn’t exactly give much away.

In case some of you younger readers are wondering about the headline, I’m referring to a 1950 Studebaker Starlight coupe like the one above. “What comes around (the rear window), goes around” .