Road Trip Outtakes #2: A Gaggle of Morris Minors – No, They’re Not VWs

After we crossed the 7:30 PM ferry from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend on Puget Sound, we headed south looking for a place to camp. It was getting pretty dark, but I had to stop and pull in when I saw this. It looks something like a used car lot, but the cars are all Morris Minors, but the sign suggests another popular small car from the times.


It’s a very fine collection, as almost all the body styles are represented except for the four door sedan (update: and the wood-framed wagon Traveler). There’s a mixture of Series IIs (1952-1956) and Minor 1000s (1956-1967, in the US). The Series II cars have the mesh-type grille, and the 1000s have the horizontal bar grille.

Here’s a convertible, van and two door sedan. All appear to be LHD, and thus original imports. The Minor was a quite popular import in the 50s (some day I’d like to have detailed import sales from the 50s available), but soon became overshadowed by the VW after 1955-1956 or so. But it continued to find buyers who had become fond of the little Minor.

On the other side is a pickup and two more sedans. Roger Carr has written up the Minor’s big story here. He called it “Britain’s Favourite Car”.  It certainly was popular and an evergreen, thanks to sprightly handling and good performance once the BMC A-series ohv engine was fitted in 1952.

We hit the road and found a lovely little county park on the edge of a lake where we stopped for our last night. I would have gladly taken that pickup or van home with me.