CC Outtakes: Rolling Classics On I5 – Need A Pickup? Or Something Else?

I try to avoid the freeway as much as possible, and sometimes manage long stretches without setting tires on I5. But sometimes it can’t readily be avoided, especially for a quick jaunt up to Portland’s airport. So let’s keep the camera handy, and see what might keep us from terminal boredom. Does it just seem to me that (almost) all new cars look alike? Ah; here’s a nice old Chebbie pickup, with a panorama (dog leg) windshield, maybe a ’63 or so. Need a Pickup?

No, someone already has theirs, maybe a ’69 or so, with an Austrian-flag themed paint job. And is that a wood-grained panel behind the proud lettering? DeLuxe all the way. And yes, it still hasn’t stopped raining and being cool here. No complaints; beats the steam sauna some of you all have been enjoying.

A woman driving a genuine CC ’70-’71 Buick Skylark. Now that’s a nice sight. Makes me wonder: is it her car? Or did her BF commandeer her CUV for a fishing trip?

A Lidorati! Or is it a Masercocca? I though this might be the same one I shot for its CC, but the plates are different. Were they all yellow?

I probably missed a few others, but I couldn’t miss this. If only these had six doors on each side, it would make a nice update on the old Checker Aerobus. Oops; speaking of, I almost missed the exit for the airport in my Aerobox, so distracted was I by Big Pink.

And a hat tip to Pixel, who gave me the lowdown on how to turn my Xb into a mega-hauler. After dropping Stephanie and my daughter off, I bought and hauled home a complete little kitchen from Ikea, including an eight foot counter, which just barely fit resting on the dashboard. Now to assemble it…