Separated At Birth: Slopeback Wagons And Chunky/Hippy C-Pillar Sedans – Is Dodge The New Rambler?

CC reader David Macauley suggested that we compare a couple of recent Chrysler products with certain sixties Ramblers, because he’s seeing a decided pattern: the slopeback roof of these wagons, as well as a certain similarity in sedans too:

In his words: “On the sedans, I was thinking of the thickness, being the distance or height of the rear fender , how they both rise up noticeably, kinda like the fin area on the Rambler above the rear wheel opening.”

I’m seeing it, to some degree or another. Are you? There’s even a bit of two-tone red in that Charger. In any case, it makes for an interesting comparison on the evolution of the American rwd wagons and sedans over a half-century. Got wheels?