Skiing For Curbside Classics

Last February, we had a bit of unusual snow for this corner of the world, and I took a nice long walk in it, shooting all the old cars in my neighborhood. I awoke at 5:30 this morning to the sound of cracking wood. Rolled over and ignored it. But then there was more; looked out the window, and there’s some six inches of snow, and it’s coming down fast. The first thing on the agenda was to get the very heavy snow off our other trees, and my rickety “shed” roof over my stored recycled wood. But eventually, we strapped on our cross country skis to check out the neighborhood. This was just around the corner.

Here’s the view from our front door this morning. The plum tree is history,

and half of the ancient apple tree that predates the house, when the neighborhood was an orchard. Let’s look for some cars.

Don’t remember this Passat.

Classic Eugene: W123 Mercedes and Volvo 245. They get an award. Curiously, it’s a 280E, not the ubiquitous bio-diesel.

A lady bug out this early? Well it is the first day of spring.

We skied over to my rental houses to check on things there, and by the time I shook off snow on dangerously loaded branches, I was soaking wet and tired. We came back, and I didn’t bother to shoot more cars. My next-door neighbor’s red Camry just barely got spared.

The blossoms on the trees are partly to blame; they trapped much more snow than bare branches would have.

Well, enough of that; some of your are sick of snow anyway, although it seems that much of the rest of the country is having a crazy warm spring. Time to come in, warm up, and get to writing up a GM Greatest Hit that I just found the day before. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, the snow is melting fast, as it usually does here.