Something From The Tokyo Show To Like: Yamaha Y125 Moegi

Fake wheels? No thanks. But this little Yamaha 125 really caught my eye, largely because it’s the polar opposite, in so many ways. Unlike all the faired-in scooters and bikes, this bike really celebrates what it is, rather than hiding it. A genuine internal combustion engine on full display! How un-pc, given that just about every other bike or trike was electric, or even with a fuel cell, like Suzuki’s oddly-named Burgman. Nothing wrong with that; EV bikes make lots of sense within their range limitations.

Anyway, the 125 Moegi speaks to me on many levels. It’s retro, yet contemporary too; that’s not easy to pull off. And just well designed. And it reminds me off the small bikes I cut my teeth on. There’s even a cute little video (after the jump) that very effectively conveys the youthful freedom a little bike like this enables. Sniff, sniff; reminds me of my youth indeed.

Of course, the Moegi harkens back to Yamaha’s first modern bike, also a 125, which was a copy of the pioneering 1939 DKW 125 we wrote about recently.

Anyway, here’s the video. And more images of the Miego are here.