Spotted While Driving, or Curbside Classics I Just Haven’t Found Parked Yet


While I drive, my iPhone is usually tethered via USB to my car stereo so it can provide the soundtrack. That makes my iPhone a handy camera when a curbside classic rolls by. Whenever I see one and when I’m in a safe position (usually stopped at a light, though sometimes also when I’m rolling with no surrounding traffic), I’ll snap a quick shot.  Such was the case with this ’68 DeVille convertible. Note the trailer hitch!


These, then, are all the old cars I photographed rolling this year. As you might imagine, I photographed many of them from the rear while stopped behind them at a light. This late C3 Corvette is a good example of that. Mister, your tail light is out.


I also got a derriere view of this Fiero.


And this Cadillac Allante.


And this dirty Mercedes-Benz 300 TD wagon.


I see this Mercedes-Benz 560SL convertible from time to time as I drive to work, so its owner must live or work in the area.


I passed him so I could capture his front end.


Also waiting in traffic was this good looking Triumph TR6.


I passed this trailer-queen Barracuda while driving out to pick up my kids one day.


A couple months later, down the road a little from where I found the yellow Barrauda, I spotted this brown one getting off the Interstate under its own power. This is one of my favorite rolling-classic photos this year; I can’t remember the last time I saw a Barracuda being driven.


Another favorite is this 1951 Chevrolet coupe, which I found rolling in my sons’ neighborhood. It’s turning here into a driveway. Could this be its home? Every time I pass by, I crane my neck to see if I can get a peek at this car.


Photographing while driving means that I can’t take the time to perfectly line up shots, and that sometimes I just can’t hold the camera steadily. This final-gen Geo (Chevy?) Metro, which I photographed because it was in flawless condition, was very close to my car in bad early-morning light.


And sometimes my best efforts just miss the mark, such as when I tried to photograph this post-facelift Dodge Aries coupe.


Finally, this 1970 Buick Skylark hardtop sedan lives in my part of town. I’ve seen it out and about several times, but I never seem to be in a good place to get a photo of it. This über-noisy maximum-zoom photo will have to do.

Mister Skylark, rest assured: I will find you parked, and photograph you, and write you up right for Curbside Classic. It is only a matter of time.